June 23, 2014

Solstice at the Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center

Presented by Members of the Priesthood and the Circle of Brigid
Our Coordinator, Cait presided throughout a delightful programme of events.
The Sun had blazed down on Ireland for several days as a large gathering of members met with our guests and enjoyed some refreshments in the CafĂ© before the Solstice Celebrations began. The Castle arranges many events for visitors and there were plants for sale and tables outside to enjoy the sunshine. Nature’s incredible energy seemed to have culminated in a display of glorious abundance in the beautifully kept grounds. Indeed, a cascade of enchanting bluey-lilac roses tumbled down the wall beside the gate into the garden and begged us to stop and smell its gentle perfume as the happy and relaxed company finally set off in Procession.

It is the custom to sing our way in Procession down to Dana’s sacred Grove to invoke Her presence, then up to the Goddess Tara’s home in the Ancient Abbey; and yet, there was a sense of deep stillness behind it all at this balancing point of the year, and we were glad to invoke not only the Goddesses but also Lady Olivia who so loved these places. Her presence is still very much with us it seems from the reports of so many from far and wide who have experienced her continuing support in their lives, attesting to her words that we shall find, to our delight, having crossed over the barrier of death, that in truth we can do far more from there to help those we love.

Finally approaching Persephone’s Gate, Her presence was invoked to prepare us to enter. The Temple of Isis awaited, its energy wonderfully renewed by the dedication of our members who have given generously of their time and devotion over the past few months to undertake a regular programme of step by step cleaning, replenishing and honouring the sacred energies so long cared for by Lady Olivia. This work will provide a foundation from which to continue her work into The New Aeon which she cared so passionately about. So many thanks to everyone who has taken part so far. We shall all have a chance to contribute in this way in support of Pamela, Olivia’s Great Niece who has worked tirelessly throughout. We cannot thank her enough.

At the Well we all gathered to invoke Deity and bestow the customary individual blessings from the Goddess. We were delighted to welcome two of our much-loved senior Priestesses who have not been able to come down for a while. This was followed by a powerful Oracle from the Un-Named One through Her Priestess. Though spoken in quiet tones there could be no doubting that we are each asked to listen for and respond to Her Voice in our everyday life, to stand for protecting our Planet and everything on it in justice for all, not just the fortunate few.

We were then taken on an Inner walk in Nature by Eimear, passing on through a mist ‘between the worlds’ into a wooded clearing at the centre of which was a mighty Oak, and many wonders transpired and were reported later. It was good to hear new voices speaking of their sacred experience in a supportive space. Next we all joined in a lively Goddess chant led by Deirdre, and accompanied by sacred rattle. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all and provided an excellent atmosphere for our Solstice Mystery Play presented by Marian, “The Enlivening Rite of Aine and Dagdha” and enacted by her small band of players in the following roles:

Ceridwen and Her Cauldron
The Irish Goddess Aine – As Summer Fairy Queen
The Irish God known as the Dagdha Mor
Together with their two youthful assistants who volunteered their services on the day
The Summer Princess & the Hawk Prince her protector.

Inspired by Ceridwen, the Goddess & God spoke on behalf of the true nature of ‘Femininity and Masculinity’ acting in harmony and cooperation. A beeswax candle was lighted and our young Summer Princess & Hawk Prince processed with it around the Temple in and amongst the assembled company before returning to share sweets with all to the lively strains of an Irish Jig which ended in general merriment.

Proceedings drew to a close with the usual announcements of upcoming events, and included the success of one of our members at the recent Irish Council elections which she has been working towards for some time. Olivia knew of her work and had supported her wholeheartedly, as indeed she always did with each and every one of us who had set our hearts on a path of service to our communities in whatever way we felt drawn. Short healing sessions were offered as is customary to those who wished to receive them.

As ever it was a wonderful gathering at Foundation Centre to continue to celebrate the 8 Annual Festivals. We all thoroughly enjoyed meeting up for tea afterwards and catching up in excellent company.

Minette Quick
(Hon. Sec. Circle of Brigid)

Our thanks to Minette for sending this festival report and to all members of the Circle of Brigid and the Priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis at Clonegal Castle.

(Photo of The Well of Brigid Na Mara © M.Quick)

June 21, 2014

Shrine of Cancer

Blessings of the Solstice and the Sun entering the sign of Cancer! This photo is of the Shrine of Cancer in the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle. The statue is the Goddess Juno of the midsummer moon. By Her is a ceramic figure of Her peacock. Real peacock feathers show their starry eyes of the sky. Juno stands on an appliqued representation of the Spider Goddess Arachne, Who spins the Cosmic Web of the Universe.
Olivia Robertson writes in "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess": "Cancer was held by the Sages to be the House of the Moon, as the Moon was believed to have been in Cancer at the Creation. It was respected as Horoscope of the World, as the sign nearest the Zenith. The learned Berossos declared that our earth shall be submerged when all planets are grouped in Cancer. The Chaldean Magi and the Platonists taught their disciples that souls descend from Heaven into human bodies through Cancer, the Gate of Humanity. There is a deep meaning concealed in the very sign of Cancer, two curved '6' forms embracing each other - resembling the Eastern Yin-Yang symbol of positive and negative energies moving in contrary cyclic paths of the Serpent. Holding Cancer aloft in the sky is the Seven Headed Monster Hydra, sacred to the Chaldean Dragon Goddess of Creation, Tiamat."

Archival Link: Photos of Zodiac Shrines

(photo copyright Minette Quick, shrine commentary by Olivia Robertson and MQ.)

June 18, 2014

Highlighted Books of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Books 4, 5 and 6 of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson's "Communion with the Goddess" series specifically covers Egypt, with book four entirely about Isis. You may read a PDF file of each of these at the following link:

(photo of LDR from the Occult Experience, created with permission, all rights reserved.)

June 11, 2014

Audio clip: Selene and Endymion

Listen to Olivia Robertson in this archived recording of her meditation on the Moon and the myth of Selene and Endymion:

Selene and Endymion
(mp3 /3:18 min / 776 kb)
Audio transcript:
"See with your mind's eye the myth of Selene and Endymion. A poet, wearied with life's dull round, seeks solitude in a grove of cypresses. As night comes, he lies down and falls asleep. Slowly the dark sky begins to glow with a pale light. From on high a Goddess of magical beauty appears above the trees, and sees the sleeping youth. Her black hair spreads about Her, glittering with stars, and it has copper-coloured lights.  And Her face and naked body are made of crystalised White Light, with a glow of copper. She falls in love with the beauty of the poet's soul. She looks through to all his past lives and struggles, the neglect and poverty, the loneliness, the feeling separate from others.  She touches him with her long white fingers. He opens his eyes and sees Her and he marvels at her transcendental loveliness. She puts down her hands and arms like two long beams of light.  She draws Endymion upwards into the night sky. Behold, the two are made One, surrounded by a radiating white and copper aura. Upon the earth lies the body of the youth, face upwards, his unseeing eyes open.
The moon in her beauty inspires the romantic dreams of poets and lovers, so that the humblest woman becomes a Goddess of eternal loveliness: a hump-backed man is transformed through love's eyes into a God. And this is no illusion, for the ugliness is but a false transient image and it is banished to reveal the truth. Ugliness, stupidity and cruelty are but distortions in our shadow world of the perfection that is our true being. Those who despise others are deluded by the passing play: wise are those who adore the ideal in their lovers.
'Lady of Night, two-horned, Lover of nightlong dances,
Look through the latticed windows, O Moon with thy quivering ray,
On my golden lass, Callistion! Immortal glances
May linger unforbidden on mortal lovers' play.
Sure on us both, O Moon, there rests thy benison -
Once was thine own heart kindled to love Endymion'."

(Illustration of Selene and Endymion by Olivia Robertson.)

Archival Link:  Audio Gallery

June 6, 2014

Reminder to Active Centers

Below is the link to our FOI Centers Listings page.  Please check to make that your center's information is still current, or contact us if you would like to include your Iseum, Lyceum, Grove and/or Priory.  Thank you!

(Photo of Members' Shrine at the Fellowship of Isis Foundation Center, by Minette Quick.)

June 1, 2014

June Oracle: Goddess Frigga

"To imagine is to co-create with the Deities. It is through the Divine Imagination that the galaxies were formed in a swirling of light, and the stars sang and the planets turned about them, for this was the imagining of the mighty Star Deities."
This month's Oracle features the Goddess Frigga - you may read it in full by clicking on the link below:
(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis."  All rights reserved.)