March 14, 2014

"Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess" is now available in paperback and may be ordered through all Amazon outlets, as well as any other bookstore or library. 
Olivia Robertson writes in the introduction:
"The Divine Wisdom lightens the sky of the seeker for Truth as the Veiled Goddess Sophia. 'I am She who was, and is, and shall be. No man hath lifted my veil.' In verity no analysis, no intellectual piecing together of facts, can penetrate that veil. It is the Paroketh of white light that distinguishes sphere from sphere. The impious, the inquisitive, the falsely clever prisoners of the material brain cannot even realise the existence of spheres beyond the veil. Their lives are bounded by passing time and changing space, by the extent of the five senses. Hence there is no desire to reach that which is to them unreal! For such, there is no ultimate truth, no Deity. . . The present zodiac contemplative ceremonies introduce the seeker to the Higher Sophia of the Trino-Sophia, thrice holy gnosis of wisdom.  The aim of stellar contemplation is to centre oneself in the motionless hub of the passing wheel of the stars. In ordinary life we journey from day to night, from year to year. Yesterday is as lost to us as yesteryear or childhood: tomorrow is non-existent and so as remote as death. The aim of the contemplative is to experience all-time, all-space, in greater consciousness. From such a stillness, many lives are experienced again in present consciousness: and greater spheres may be known, in which life is so vivid that this 'normal' existence seems in comparison to be but a passing dream. This is where the ethical outlook of the neophyte is all-important. However dream-like any sphere may appear to be, the ethical and moral choices offered are real. Truth penetrates all realms, and free-will to choose the good is given, even in a dream. Judgement rules throughout the planes."
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