July 30, 2013

Highlighted Artwork: Goddess Pele

"Pele and the Moon of Oracles"
By Olivia Robertson, 2008

Olivia Robertson writes in her letter of 2008, "Visitation from the Goddess Pele", when she was in Hawaii: 
"I was wakened by the appearance of a woman who had the power and presence of a Goddess. She had very dark hair, black touched with bronze, which surrounded her head with large rich curls. Her body was gold-bronze. I saw Her in profile which was strong, with fine nose and determined chin. Her eyebrows were thick and black, her eyes dark, and her lips were very full and indented at the corners. Here I feel, I should not give her message. She gave me a circular mirror of Prophecy – a gift from the Goddess Mahina of the Moon. However, what was particularly wonderful was that she brought a flow of diamond and crystal points of white light – in a dome shape on top of my head – thus opening my crown chakra. I had thought that this had happened already, but not in this brilliant and orderly way, resembling Far Eastern tiaras.
"I received the word 'Loa'. I can equate this with my experience of Yemaya of the Ocean, which I was given in 2005. What I understand is this. The Loas – Nature deities – do not punish us for wrong-doing. But the earth herself and all her elements are part of our own being. When we transgress the laws of love and goodness, this produces repercussions throughout earth. After various turbulences – possibly an axis shift – a new and nobler humanity will emerge from the old, as the veil between our physical earth and the etheric realm will dissolve. Hence there will be no 'death' but soul transference. We only die because we identify with our physical bodies. So there is hope. And creativity will pour forth in rainbow beauty."

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July 27, 2013

Trailer of Olivia's DVD

Oliva Robertson, Priestess of Isis by Logic Reality

More photos, clips and information on how to order this DVD:

July 26, 2013

Book highlight: Ordination of Priestesses and Priests

Ordination of Priestesses and Priests, by Olivia Robertson is now available in paperback through Amazon.com and all European Amazon websites as well. 
From the Introduction:
"The seed of Divinity lies within all beings. Consciousness of this truth brings willing participation in the Divine Plan. It is to become son and daughter of the Deity whose work one undertakes, rather than an unconscious tool serving through faith and hope. Every human being is potentially of the Priesthood. Conscious acceptance of this, and willingness to serve the cause of Deity makes your active Priest and Priestess. . .Yet what does the Priestess rule? Not men, nor races. She rules the striving elements of her own being, and through understanding the law of transmutation, creates harmony of mind, heart and body. So may she teach others that which she can do herself."

July 22, 2013

Sun entering Leo

Blessings of the Sun in Leo! As usual, we mark the turning of the zodiac seasons and offer this beautiful temple photo of the Shrine of Sekhmet, Bast and Ra - as well as an historic audio clip of Olivia Robertson.  Please click to listen:

(mp3/50sec. /198kb)
Audio transcript:
"We remember that this is the eve of the Opet Festival of Ancient Egypt, as the Sun leaves the Crab, Cancer and enters the sign of Leo of the Lion Goddess Sekhmet. . . Sekhmet is the Goddess of the mysterious Lion power, which is within us all. . .We know now that the true constellation of Leo is one with Virgo, who is the serene face of the Goddess with the body of the Lion, the Androsphinx."
The shrine photo is copyright Minette Quick, with further information from Olivia: "I realise now that Isis is revealing Herself, through the changing faces of Her Temple, withdrawing Her Veil, not all at once, but Shrine by Shrine according to the Zodiac periods. This was comprised of the Zodiac Houses of Leo to Virgo. The climax was the Egyptian Harvest with the inundation of the Nile. So Hathor Goddess of Love and Abundance is shown giving a cornucopia of food to the hungry, Humans, a Lion and a Tiger. Fruit is shown given by the Deities, Sekhmet, Bast & Ra."

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July 19, 2013

Temple Shrine

Candles in the window of the Shrine for Absent Friends
(photo copyright Minette Quick)
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July 15, 2013

From Olivia Robertson: Rejoice!

To All Global Sites and Isian News:
Rejoice!  The Goddesses and Gods are real!

The word “Worship”, which once meant respect, has been a barrier to communion with Deities.
How can perfected Beings commune with us when we offer them obsequious prostration, with all our psychic senses closed down?
The Rainbow Flow of Divine Life, circulates through inter-communion spirals, pervading all beings.  As we progress, we extend this awareness from Spirit Guides to the sphere of Angels, and Devas who are advanced beyond us, and are therefore our teachers.  The culmination of Divine Beings emanating from a Heavenly Sphere comes when we are ready for it, and can enjoy it.  In Heaven there is no fear, nor evil.  Why should we object to various names religious people give to these beings?  For instance, the one I call the Wanderer, the Shamanic Deity, is known in the North as Odin; to Greeks as Zeus, and to the ancient Irish as the Dagda Mor.  The name of the companion who assists the Wandering Shaman is known as Baldour the Beautiful, Mercury, Hermes, or Aengus Og.
Let us enjoy the reality of the whole company of heaven, without religious conflict.
All beings are part of the cosmic hierarchy.

Olivia Robertson, Co Founder, assisted by Marian Smiles and Minette Quick, Hon. Secretary of the Rainbow Circle of Brigid.
Archival Link:  Olivia's Letters
(photo of Olivia at a Foundation Center celebration by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality)

July 9, 2013

Highlighted Artwork

"The Peacock Angel"
By Olivia Robertson
"I long for the Peacock Angel, whose eyes are the stars. I would be a star and be with Her for Eternity. Even as I wish this, it is so! Before me, in indescribable grandeur is the Mighty Goddess Herself. Her Divine Body is formed from dark space, irradiated by Her Eyes, the many coloured stars. But what is most wonderful are Her Wings, which are The Veils woven by Bride. Two encompass her head with their gleaming feathers, and two are extended throughout all space, and about Her feet are two azure wings that reach into the abyss. She is the Goddess of the Heights and of the Depths. The stars are Her Visions and the flow of the Web of Bride are Her garments. Her face is forever veiled. Behind Her shines Her Divine Consort, The White Peacock Angel. Between his feathery wings are the dark tunnels that lead through the spheres. He is the Angel of Transmutation."   (Olivia Robertson, "Ishtar")
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July 3, 2013

Book Highlight: Panthea

Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess by Olivia Robertson has just been newly released in paperback and is available for purchase on Amazon.com (U.S.) and also through all Amazon European outlets. From the introduction:

"Our first four rituals concern Birth, Initiation and experience of other spheres. They culminate with the death of the body, when the soul enters a new spiral of life through the Matrix. The subsequent eight Festivals are illustrated in the diagram by the year's cycle of the earth rotating round the sun. Each ray marks the ensuing seasons. This yearly journey with the lovely panorama of changing constellations and seasons, brings us an awareness of our own relationship with the cosmos. In order to attain cosmic consciousness that brings us into resonance with planetary, solar and stellar consciousness, we offer rituals to mark the flow of Time and Space. Through the dolmen gateway of a ritual we may reach the very hub of the cosmic spiral and so attain spiritual rebirth."

July 1, 2013

July Oracle: Goddess Tiamat

This month's Oracle is now available and includes a historic audio file of Olivia Robertson as invoking Priestess and Oracle:
(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality. All Rights Reserved.)

From Olivia Robertson: Secrecy

A letter from Olivia Robertson was received this morning (via Marion and Minette) regarding secrecy in the Fellowship of Isis.  You may read it by clicking on the link below: