January 31, 2013

Message & New Photos

Received this morning for all global sites, a message from Olivia and two new photos from Minette.  Please go to this link and see today's date:
(The Winged Disc of Hathor before the Statue of Isis, Clonegal Castle Temple)

January 21, 2013

Changing Faces of the Temple

Here is a new installment of the "Changing Faces of the Temple." Nine photos taken on Jan. 19th were sent this morning by Minette and Olivia. You may view them by going to this link and clicking on the date:
(Photo copyright Minette Quick: "Isis of the New Aeon of Aquarius, carved by David Durdin-Robertson, with watering pot on her head, Bast and Horus to her left and right. The rose crystal at her feet shows Her Love for All.")

January 19, 2013


Blessings of the Sun in Aquarius!  The Shrine of Aquarius is dedicated to Amaterasu No Kami, Sun Goddess of Japan and is located in the Castle Temple Sanctuary.  Listen to a meditation by Olivia Robertson from a past rite:
(MP3 file - 3:00 mins./692kb.)
Audio transcript:
"The air and water of Aquarius symbolize spirit in union with emotions.  You rise above the situation in Aquarius - you have some terrible row or some problem at your work, or you've been having rows with people - the Aquarian method is to rise above it and look down and it becomes in proportion.  You don't ignore it.  Have you any problem, don't hide it away and then it pops out at you later when you sleep in a nightmare.  Face it now and rise above it - look down on it from this starry standpoint.  All problems vanish when you are your true Self, for we are only players in this shadow world.  Now, at the birth of a new aeon, we look ahead, now we've solved our problems, to what we plan for our own future, not only now but in future lives, whether on earth or in the stars. . . There is no jealousy, envy or hatred in the new aeon, for we share others' triumphs and glories.  There's no competition.  As we feel this, we feel the waters of Aquarius and the stars pour through us. . .Happiness is not yesterday or tomorrow, it is NOW and that now extends like ripples right through the whole of one's being.  Sorrow passes, joy lasts forever.  You are receiving inspiration from the stars. . . and you can see the star Cassiopeia, the great "W" in the sky, the northern constellation and you know that beneath, below the south pole, is Aquarius.  And the stars are always there.  There is no loss.  We are shrouded with a starry mantle.  When the sun goes down the stars are seen: so in Winter, when our earthly vitality perhaps decreases, our inner spirit shines forth. . ."
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(Photo by Minette Quick, audio by the Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive, copyrights reserved.)

January 6, 2013

More photos

Some lovely photos were received today from Celia Thomas of Olivia and members at the Castle, which may be viewed at the link below. Thank you Celia!


January 5, 2013

The Epiphany of Persephone

A message from Olivia and Minette:

"The Goddess who returns to us as the Spiritual Spring.
We wish all our members Love & Joy & above all Hope
In this magical year of 2013
Of the Awakening of our whole planet
To the Divine Energy of THE NEW AEON
We of Glastonbury & Eire
Send radiations of Fellowship to all!"

"We include some photos of our members on various occasions in the past year, notably Olivia's 95th birthday. Many thanks to Celia Thomas and others for sending some lovely photos to Olivia! It would be great to share them with members on our global sites as well."
You may view the photos here:
The Epiphany of Persephone

January 1, 2013

January Oracle - Atlanta

Happy 2013 everyone!  The Oracle for this month has been uploaded and features the Goddess Atlanta:

(Photo by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis."  All rights reserved.)