December 20, 2012

Happy Solstice!

"Let us bravely welcome the New Aeon at the Winter Solstice. 
Here they are - an original version of my other one -
more vivid and alive.  Pele, Brigid and Yemaya. 
Lots  and lots of Love and Blessings of Isis! Olivia"
24th Nov. 2012

December 6, 2012

Temple Updates: Changing Faces

Changing Faces of the Temple:  Six new photos taken on Dec. 1st were just received from Minette and Olivia.  You can see them and their commentary here:

(Above photo by Minette Quick, all rights reserved: "The Mystic Doorway into Other Realms. We project during trances. The Goddess is Pysche on her Quest, With lantern.")

December 1, 2012

Oracle: The Goddess Maya

The Fellowship of Isis Oracle for December has been uploaded
and also includes an audio file of Olivia Robertson as the Oracle.
Read and listen to it on this page:
(Illustration of Maya by Olivia Robertson, all rights reserved.)