August 30, 2012

Highlighted Artwork

Artwork by Olivia Robertson, 
displayed in the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle.
Photo by Minette Quick, with additional cropping by this site.
All rights reserved.

Archival link:  Artwork of Olivia Robertson

August 23, 2012

Photos of Olivia

Several new photos of Olivia Robertson from "Olivia, Priestess of Isis" have been added to this page:

This wonderful DVD was produced and narrated by Steven Jones, filmed and edited by Dennis Murphy.  You can order it from their website:  Logic Reality

Our thanks to Dennis for forwarding these!

August 22, 2012

Shrine of Virgo

The Shrine of Virgo resides in the Egyptian passage of the Temple in Clonegal Castle. Isis raising Osiris is the central statue and was carved by David Durdin-Robertson when he was 16 years old.  A few years ago, Olivia painted Her gold.

(Photo by Minette Quick, with additional cropping/enhancement by this site.  All rights reserved.)

August 21, 2012

Email from Minette Quick

An email from Minette Quick received this morning: 

"It has come to our notice today that someone has published a malicious rumour of Olivia's death again.  It is apparently accompanied by photographs of her and I think some of our members in Ireland.  I was informed by one of our priestesses by phone just a short while ago.  . . As this is a very distressing form of false reporting, especially for Olivia, Cressida has asked me to get in touch with you all immediately, so that you can deal with it authoritatively as soon as possible.  She asked me to add that our members never should believe such information unless it comes directly and officially from Foundation Centre, and should not engage in communicating it further."

Archival Link:  Rumor about Olivia

August 20, 2012

Letter from Olivia: Ethics in the Fellowship

Received from Olivia Robertson via Minette Quick this morning:

For All Global Sites:
From: Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder, F.O.I.
Cressida Pryor, Co-Founder’s Successor.
19th August, 2012


“In ISIS we rely not on rules and regulations,
But on the Divine Power of Her Winnowing Wings of Protection.
In Her we trust.”

The Fellowship of Isis is all about developing an inner love of the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine together. There is therefore an onus of integrity and responsibility upon every individual member to uphold and adhere to the principles and ideals of the Fellowship, as set out in the Manifesto.

It has come to our attention that the Fellowship of Isis with its friendly honour for all genuine faiths has, in certain cases, become misused to validate the illegal manipulation of vulnerable members leading to inappropriate behaviour and violation of boundaries. Often first contact is made through the social media leading on to illegal spiritual, emotional and physical abuse.

All members need to know that such sacrilegious desecration of the spiritual religion of The Goddess constitutes legitimate grounds for automatic expulsion from the Fellowship of Isis. It should be remembered that no secrecy or binding vow is sanctioned in the Fellowship. Any member has the right, at any time, to seek assistance from outside authorities.

“I am She Who Was and Is and Is to Be.
No mortal man hath lifted my veil.”
Isis lifts her veil to those with loving hearts,
Who seek the truth.

Archival Link:  Letter from Olivia

August 8, 2012

Communion with the Goddess: India

Another book from the "Communion with the Goddess Series" by the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson has been uploaded. This book is "Idols, Images and Symbols of the Goddesses: India." You may find it on this page:

Our continuing thanks to the Durdin-Robertson family for permission to publish these works, and a special thanks to T. Lynn of the Iseum of the Mystic Isis, for her proofreading skills. (photo from the Occult Experience, created with permission, please do not reproduce.)

August 1, 2012

Oracle of the Goddess Dana

The August Oracle features the Goddess Dana and you may read it here:

(Photo by Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD. All rights reserved.)