August 23, 2011

Virgo Shrine and Meditation

Blessings of the Sun in Virgo!  Above is a photo of the Shrine of Virgo at Clonegal Castle, and below is a more detailed view.  This altar is contained within a blocked-up window in the Egyptian passage of the basement Temple.  The center figure of Isis raising Osiris, was carved by David Durdin-Robertson when he was 16, and Olivia painted Her gold a few years ago.

We also have an audio file to share with you of Olivia Robertson leading a meditation during a past ritual.  This is a large file, so you may need to allow extra time for it to download:

(MP3 File / 7:00 min. / 1.62MB)

Audio transcript:

"We shut our eyes and still our minds. We see before us in the distance a hill crowned with a beautiful Temple surrounded by myriads of stars. We mount the hill by a winding path. We are climbing up to the Temple of the Zodiac. It is twelve-sided and pearl colored with long windows that glow with many colored lights. We are approaching a Gateway in the south-east, guarded by two bronze statues of Sphinxes - women to the waist, lions below, their wings reaching the roof. On the left of the Gateway is a spring from which a stream flows into the Temple through a conduit.

"We particularly examine the windows on either side of the doorway. On the left, is a window marked "Leo". The stained-glass depicts a naked woman surrounded by a Hawk, a Lioness, a Cow and a Winged God. On the window on the right, is a picture of a woman veiled from head to foot, holding an Ankh in her right hand, a scroll in her left. Over the window is the sign of Virgo, formed by two folded wings and the knot of Isis. The sign of Virgo looks like an "M" and you can form a loop in the center, the Knot of Isis.  Over the doorway is a bas-relief of a Sphinx, her lion's body facing the Leo window, her woman's face turning towards the window of Virgo. Her wings sweep downwards on either side of the entrance, forming two feathered curtains.

"Suddenly a powerful wind rushes through the Temple pushing open the Window of Virgo! Through it we see eight blazing stars shining through nebulae. Within this astral sphere of Virgo are the Isles of the Blest where we learn how to weave the future from the past, by using the present.

"Now I want you to visualize yourself passing through the Window of Virgo, the eight blazing stars, and we see islands of great beauty.  All may enter this place, the Isles of the Blest, but those who have done wrong, learn here how to expiate and make all well. How lovely are the islands.  There is music here, great beauty, nature spirits, wonderful animals.  Peaceful lions, deer, small animals playing around their feet, lionesses. . . The animals and birds here are intelligent.  You can communicate with them telepathically, as we can with angels, nature spirits, Deity.  Do this. . learn. . learn how to be blest so we may attain this place even in sleep on earth.  You learn here the weaving, because we are the Fates, we create our own Fate.  They're not sinister ladies sitting on thrones being disagreeable to us.  We have to learn even how to turn evil into good, which is wonderful because nothing's wasted you see - we can use the past now to create the present.  But you need help to do this and that is why we need to be in the Isles of the Blest. 

"At first we feel overcome when we think of the harm we've done.. . maybe we've harmed animals or people.. .but now we see how we can 3-fold make up for it.  We can forgive others.  There's all of infinity to do good in.  There's much laughter here because nothing is more delightful than to recognize the Truth, and often it makes one laugh, at oneself, preferably.   All pretense vanishes here.  Now if you feel you have experienced this bliss of creation, of creating a better future for ourselves and our earth, you may now, I should think, feel like looking at the eight stars.. . you feel spiritual light pouring through you.  We learn here to center ourselves.  Now is the center of the circle around which time flows - past and present, like a stream flows around us - that is the secret.   We are not moving through time, we are ever the same in spirit - no, time is moving around us.  We are not moving through space, space is moving around us.  Feel this consciousness, this awareness.  You are in the center.  Time and space are flowing around you and you may therefore alter what happens.  This is the art of Creation."

"It is now time for us to return through the Window of Virgo.  Leave by this Window of Virgo, come back through the window.  We all return to the holy Temple, changed - even a little."

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(Our thanks to Minette Quick for the altar photo.  Additional cropping & enhancement by this website. All rights reserved.)

August 19, 2011

Manuals updated

We wanted to let you know that all five of the FOI manuals have now been updated for this year. These booklets are in 8.5" x 5.5" format, $7.00 each (plus s/h), and are offered at this link:

Please know that the majority of the content remains the same as before - Olivia Robertson's background commentary, the Liturgy initiation structures, etc.  These versions simply include policy changes and any other updates and/or additions that have been issued by Olivia since the last versions were printed.   Current information may always be accessed on the various Society sections of the Homepage as well:

FOI Priesthood
Druid Clan of Dana
Noble Order of Tara
Guidelines for All Centers

(Booklets printed by FOI-Crossroads Media, provided through the Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive.)

August 9, 2011

FOI Healing Prayer

FOI healing prayer and illustration by Olivia Robertson:

"The Healing Wings of Isis Protect, Enfold and Awaken you!" 

Homepage archival link:  FOI Prayers