July 21, 2010

Message from Olivia Robertson

For All Members:

July 21, 2010

"When posting on the internet, please introduce your posts with your own  name. Please do not speak as "The Fellowship of Isis" or introduce your posts as such. We each speak through our own inspiration, we do not enforce corporate religion! We do not promote an official line. Members may consult the Manifesto which has always been our agreed consensus on FOI aims and ideals. Each member has their individual voice."

(message received via the Fellowship of Isis Yahoo Group, posted by Most Rev. Linda Iles, Prs. H., O.T.)

Additional note: Although this is made clear at the top of this blog, we would like to clarify that all posts here are uploaded by myself (C. Silver), or by other administrators of the FOI Homepage Archive. Each one is clearly marked who it was written by - usually by Olivia Robertson, sent via Minette Quick in Ireland for distribution to all global sites. Goddess Blessings! ;)